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24 02, 2016

Important info for new tattoos!


Thinking of getting a new tattoo? First, think about it for a while as most tattoos are permanent and expensive to treat and remove should you change your mind. Although New York State licenses tattooists, it does not require them to provide any aftercare instructions. When you get tattooed, your skin gets wounded in the [...]

Important info for new tattoos!2016-02-24T15:27:52+00:00
23 02, 2016

Pollution may be harming your skin!


Pollution in the air may be waging war on your skin. A recent study looked at 2000 women who had lived in more heavily polluted areas. Over the course of 30 years, these women had increased pigmentation on their cheeks and more wrinkles on their skin compared to women who lived in more rural areas. [...]

Pollution may be harming your skin!2016-02-23T15:07:39+00:00
22 02, 2016

Acne… Or Rosacea?


Are you bothered by acne? Think again. What you really may have is rosacea. What's the difference? People with acne are primarily bothered by blackheads and pimples. Acne can start during the teenage years , but an increasing number of women and men may develop acne in their 30s or 40s. Most people who have [...]

Acne… Or Rosacea?2016-02-22T15:09:59+00:00
8 02, 2016

Psoriasis and Migraines?


Have psoriasis? A recent study showed that people with psoriasis may have an increased risk of developing migraine headaches. If you believe that you are troubled by frequent headaches, see your primary care doctor. There is effective treatment for migraines. It is not known yet if treatment of psoriasis reduces the risk of migraines, but [...]

Psoriasis and Migraines?2016-02-08T20:51:05+00:00
1 02, 2016

Cold Weather and Dry Skin… Dr. Newmark Has a Remedy for You!


It's winter, even if it doesn't feel like it! As we get older our skin tends to dry out quicker. If fact most people will notice that their skin looks scaly and cracked, especially over the arms and legs. Frequent washing with soaps, cold weather, and low humidity conspire to remove the water that our [...]

Cold Weather and Dry Skin… Dr. Newmark Has a Remedy for You!2016-02-01T16:49:48+00:00
10 12, 2015

Skin Cancer Checks and why they are Important!


How often should you see your dermatologist for routine skin exams? The government says maybe not at all. The US Preventive Services Task Force recently released “a draft update of its statement on visual skin cancer exams for people who don’t show signs of [skin] disease.” The USPSTF, “in the draft...reiterated its view that the [...]

Skin Cancer Checks and why they are Important!2015-12-10T16:51:04+00:00
9 12, 2015

Are Antibiotics Becoming Less Effective for Acne Treatment?


The Daily Mail (UK) (11/24, Jourdan) reports that antibiotics, the “mainstay treatment of acne for decades,” appear to be “rapidly losing their curative powers because the bacteria” that cause the condition “are becoming resistant to them.” Patients “using antibiotics for too short a course is thought to be to blame, but also treatments that continue [...]

Are Antibiotics Becoming Less Effective for Acne Treatment?2015-12-09T15:47:43+00:00
8 12, 2015

Menopause and Skin Cancer?


A study revealed that women who develop menopause later in life (age 55 or older) and women who were treated with menopausal hormonal therapy had a higher risk of developing the most common type of skin cancer (basal cell carcinoma). This is thought to be due to longer exposure to the hormone estrogen. This hormone [...]

Menopause and Skin Cancer?2015-12-08T16:46:37+00:00
30 11, 2015

Bed Bugs… and the Ugly Truth!


Here's a subject most people don't want to hear about - bedbugs. Unfortunately, bedbugs are here to stay and have become more numerous at hotels and apartment complexes. This resurgence is due to a ban on strong insecticides including DDT which easily killed these pests. If you do travel, check out your hotel on the internet [...]

Bed Bugs… and the Ugly Truth!2015-11-30T16:18:09+00:00
24 11, 2015

Antibiotics… not helping your cold/flu?


According to research from the World Health Organization, peoples’ misunderstanding of antibiotics is contributing to the increase in drug-resistant infections. A survey released by the WHO revealed that 64 percent of participants incorrectly believed that antibiotics could be used to treat colds and the flu. Most of these infections are caused by viruses and do [...]

Antibiotics… not helping your cold/flu?2015-11-24T19:36:42+00:00