The Beauty of Luminous Even-Toned Skin

A beautiful, radiant, even skin tone is an important part of feeling confident about the way we look and feel. Although facial discoloration is a particular concern for women with darker skin tones, women of all skin tones value even skin tone. While there are many products and procedures available today that promise women a brighter, smoother, and more even complexion, safe, effective and clinically-proven premium skin care lotions and creams are the most preferred solution for the visible signs of aging. elure is the only range of comprehensive, scientifically based cosmetic products to take corrective action to temporarily diminish the appearance of stubborn discoloration.

elure’s Innovation

elure treatment success

elure Advanced Skin Brightening products are based on a naturally occurring enzyme formulation, Melanozyme®, which was developed to temporarily brighten skin appearance. This patented enzyme formula combined with its Activator formula gently yet quickly diminishes the appearance of stubborn discoloration while correcting uneven skin tone to reveal a brighter, more glowing complexion in a clinically proven and safe manner with excellent tolerability. The elure product line does not contain Hydroquinone.

Brightening effect after 4 weeks**

**Syneron in-house brightening evaluation
Courtesy: Ruthie Amir, M.D., Syneron Medical Ltd.

elure Line of Products:

elure product line

elure includes a complete range of luxurious skin products formulated to quickly and safely brighten the skin appearance:

  • Advanced Facial Wash (Pre-Brightening Treatment)
  • Advanced Brightening Lotion
  • Advanced Brightening Night Cream

elure Clinical Results*

The elure Brightening product line has been clinically researched, providing much faster appearance improvement when compared to other products on the market. Clinical study showed the following when used twice a day for 28 days:

  • 82% of subjects demonstrated a significant decrease in their discoloration.
  • 91% of subjects showed an overall improvement in overall fairness.

*Clinical study conducted in Thailand by Dermscan, France

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