The Daily Mail (UK) (11/24, Jourdan) reports that antibiotics, the “mainstay treatment of acne for decades,” appear to be “rapidly losing their curative powers because the bacteria” that cause the condition “are becoming resistant to them.” Patients “using antibiotics for too short a course is thought to be to blame, but also treatments that continue for longer periods, regardless of” how well they work. Some physicians “are leaving patients with severe acne on antibiotics for close to a year, according to research in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.” Antibiotics are still quite useful for people with moderate or severe acne, but the trend is to use them for a few months and then taper the dose gradually. Most of the time, topical medications, like creams and gels are also prescribed along with antibiotics to provide more improvement. The goal is to get people off antibiotic pills as soon as possible. Please use all the medications your doctor prescribes unless you develop side effects.

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