It’s winter, even if it doesn’t feel like it! As we get older our skin tends to dry out quicker. If fact most people will notice that their skin looks scaly and cracked, especially over the arms and legs. Frequent washing with soaps, cold weather, and low humidity conspire to remove the water that our skin needs to look healthy. It’s not that you can just soak in a tub to solve this problem. The issue is that our skin can’t hold on to the water it desperately needs. Using moisturizers daily helps the skin trap water and other chemicals before they evaporate! Here are some helpful tips. Bathe for short periods of time and keep soap use to a minimum. When you’re finished bathing, dry yourself quickly and apply moisturizer over any scaly or cracked areas. Creams are heavier than lotions and can work better if your skin is very dry. You don’t need a lot, but get into the habit of using these products daily. There are lots of good brands, such as Cetaphil, Cerave and Eucerin among others. Which one to use? The one that feels good on your skin. I’ll wager that you’ll be pleased with the results within just a few days.


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