Warts are unattractive rough skin bumps that most people get at one time or another in their lives. They are  an infection caused by a virus that infects the top surface of the skin. They most commonly infect the hands and feet but can develop anywhere on the skin, including the genital area. Warts can spread from one area of the skin to another by contact, such as rubbing or touching. They do not spread through the body by our blood vessels. Also, they specifically infect people, so you can’t get it from other animals including frogs and toads.

How does someone become infected with the wart virus? No one knows! Warts can last for days or years. Each person’s immune system responds to the wart virus differently, so not everyone who comes in contact with the virus develops warts. It is thought that breaks in the skin surface such as cuts, scrapes or scratches may make it easier for the wart virus to enter the skin. There is treatment though, which includes skin medications, cryosurgery and injections, among others. Not all treatments work for everyone.


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