Studies in men have shown that there is often a long hair preference playing a role in attraction to women, thought to be due to long hair acting as a surrogate for health and youth. Long hair though is at increased risk for hair breakage. The fall is a common time for women to notice unruly and unmanageable hair due to summer fun. The most common summer causes of hair breakage are sun/ultraviolet (UV) light exposure and pool water exposure. UV rays cause dryness, brittleness and decreased luster of the hair shaft. Chlorine and bleach in pool water also has a similar damaging effect on the hair shaft. It is important to also realize that year round treatment we do to our hair also takes a toll. This includes perms, hair coloring and frequent use of blow dryers and curling irons. These procedures cause the hair to break, lose luster and become unruly. What to do? Follow these simple tips.

1. Wash hair infrequently with conditioning shampoos followed by a moisturizing conditioner.

2. Deep condition every 2 weeks

3. Comb damp to dry hair with wide set blunt tooth combs because wet hair is more elastic and subject to fracture.

4. Let hair air dry when possible.

5. When styling hair, blow dryers are much less damaging than flat irons or curling irons.


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